The American Government is Not Your Master

“Our country is the best country in the world. We are swimming in prosperity and our President is the best president in the world. We have larger apples and better cotton and faster and more beautiful machines. This makes us the greatest country in the world. Unemployment is a myth. Dissatisfaction is a fable. In preparatory school America is beautiful. It is the gem of the ocean and it is too bad. It is bad because people believe it all. Because they become indifferent. Because they marry and reproduce and vote and they know nothing.” John Cheever

I usually stay away from politics. I damn sure don’t claim any political affiliation, but I am a human. I am a lover of the human race who sees an enormous amount of pain and a lack of hope amongst too many people. So I’ve been inspired to share a few words.

The problem with the majority of Americans is that we have been trained like puppies to look to our government for answers. We have been conditioned to believe that these money-driven and power-hungry officials in some way shape or form determine the outcome of our life. That is a FALSE belief. WE determine the outcome of our life.

We allow this system to keep us divided. We passionately base our opinions on information pumped into our minds by the media. It’s a big reality show folks. You are arguing about something that you know NOTHING about. Were you there? No, you weren’t. You based your opinions on what’s told to you by a government controlled media. Whatever team you are on, your views on politics have been placed strategically into your mind based on who you are by people who are highly trained in the dissemination of propaganda.

The two party system was created to keep the peasants divided. When the masses are divided, it is easy to get them emotionally connected to outcomes. Thus when peasants are connected emotionally to a result, they become very easy to control. The American people have become putty in the hands of the controllers.

You CANNOT have two masters. I observe millions of people claiming to have faith yet treating the American government as their master. The American government is NOT your master. Donald Trump is NOT your master. Corporate entities are NOT your master. YOU are the master of your destiny. YOU are guiding the vehicle of your life.

We cannot let outside circumstances determine the trajectory of our time here on earth. As soon as we give our power to a system that does not care about us, we become nothing more than slaves. Are you a slave or are you a warrior?

How strong is your faith? Do you understand that everything that happens is in perfect order? Whether your ego likes it or not, it is not our job to judge anything outside of our life. God makes NO mistakes. If you understand that GOD or the universe makes no mistakes, then why are you bothered? Everything will be just fine.

I have always looked at things from an outside perspective, and over time this has enabled me to see things for what they are. In my humble opinion, the president of the United States is nothing more than a front man, a reader of scripts, for a power hungry machine. This machine traverses the globe, murdering innocent people and stealing their resources. Then forcing them into the “western” way of life, aka easily controlled mass consumers of trash lacking spirituality and connection… but it’s all in the name of “freedom,” and you buy that narrative like it’s 75% off on Black Friday.

If someone gives you a gift and you do not accept it, who does that gift belong to? It belongs to the person who offered it to you. The same is true with another person’s anger. If they give you their anger, you do not have to accept it. If you do not take their anger, it remains with them and eats away at THEIR soul. You always have a choice.

We are living in the most abundantly prosperous times in human history, and you have the incredible opportunity to do whatever you want with your life! Turn your back to the lions, turn your back to the hatred and begin walking toward the good. Walk toward the life that you want, toward the life that you have the ability to create. Focus on the GOOD and ignore the negative. Let the dead bury their dead, let the misery of the hate-filled hypocrites eat away at them. DO not be consumed by the opinions of others. Instead, be consumed by LOVE.

You cannot control the thoughts, words, and emotions of other people. Why in the hell would you want to? They are on their path, and they will have to face the consequences of their actions one way or another. This universe will return to you what you give 100% of the time. There are NO exceptions.

If you are losing FAITH in this system, that’s a good thing. Your FAITH should be in God.

I TRUST, I BELIEVE, and I KNOW that the light will always prevail.

Now more than ever we need to unite. As humans, we are ALL in this together. It doesn’t matter what landmass you live on, how you choose to worship God, who you decide to love, or what type of skin pigmentation evolution has gifted you. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

I challenge you to take this fantastic opportunity to become an inspiration for the lost ones. Turn your life into a LIGHT for those that are still in the dark.

Do not allow yourself to become a victim, a whining and complaining coward.

We can remain weak and depend on this government to lead us, or we can use this powerful moment in history to begin stepping into the position of leaders. The most influential leaders have always risen from the masses.

How do we become leaders? How do we escape the iron-fisted control of what seems to be an impenetrable system?

We make the decision to live a life true to ourselves. We learn to become fruitful and prosperous. We begin to see that we don’t need a king telling us how to live our lives. We create life on our terms. We change our focus from “what’s in it for me” to “how can I use my passion to effect lives? Positively?”.

In this day and age, personal freedom is entirely attainable.

We are not the weak, subservient fools that we have allowed ourselves to become. We are magnificent creators who are a reflection of that which created us.

Encourage your children to NEVER give up their power and emotions to the ruling class. Assist them to contribute and meaningfully affect the lives of others creatively. Help them in only to give and accept love. Hate will always destroy those who are consumed by it. Let hate destroy them. Remind your children of the greatness that they possess within themselves. Remind them that they are creative geniuses who have the ability to change the world. Remind them that they are perfect. The future of humanity depends on it.

Our mission as humans is so much bigger than the outcome of presidential election.

Get your shit together people; this isn’t a game. Now is the time to be to be great. Now is the time to spread peace and love.

Turn your back to the dark and forget it. The dark does not exist. Walk toward the light, toward the kind, and let happiness emanate from your being.

Create your legacy now. Make it your mission to touch as many people as you can during with the positive light that burns inside of you. For this is God’s work. It doesn’t matter what definition of God you’ve been taught. It’s time to put your faith into action. Without action, faith cannot survive.

Spread love, spread light, spread joy and the returns will speak for itself.

I stand for the people.

We don’t just talk about it, we live it.

Peace, love and blessings.


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